Gold alternative to Bitcoin

KaratBank Coin is a gold alternative to Bitcoin

Gold is now used in particular as an inflation-protected investment, while in earlier times it was also a popular means of payment. Today, however, the classic gold bars and gold coins are no longer used for payment because of the low practicality, but serve only the investment. If you do not only invest in gold but also want to use the precious metal in the area of ​​payments, you can hardly ignore the so-called cash gold. A kind of cash gold is now also available in the area of cryptocurrencies, namely with the KaratBank Coin , which can be a real alternative to buying Bitcoin. 

Invest in gold and pay with gold.

Gold is still considered a crisis currency, because the precious metal, in contrast to the numerous central bank currencies has its own value. However, many investors do not only want to invest in gold but, if necessary, can also pay with the precious metal. No wonder that the so-called cash gold is becoming increasingly popular. In cash gold, the smallest gold bars are implemented in a paper note, with no nominal value imprinted, but instead the weight of the gold bar. The KaratBank Coin is now creating a connection between the popular cryptocurrencies and the cash gold.

Buy bitcoin or choose an alternative?

The Bitcoin is still the most popular cryptocurrency and was able to distinguish itself in the past year by significant price gains. Currently, however, it shows that it can go down as fast with the value of bitcoin. Also due to the recent price losses, investors are increasingly looking for an alternative, as they can benefit from the benefits of the cryptocurrency on the one hand, but also can use a more stable investment. Moreover, a shortcoming of most Cryptocoins is that they do not have their own value, but that the price is based solely on supply and demand. At this point, a new cryptocurrency offers a very good solution, namely the KaratBank Coin.

First of all, the KaratBank Coin seems to be an ordinary cryptocurrency, but it makes a significant difference to most other digital currencies. The KaratBank coin is bound to the precious metal gold because each coin represents an exactly defined weight of gold. This fact gives the crypto coin certain stability because usually its value will be based on the gold price. Furthermore, the new coin is extremely flexible, because it can be exchanged not only against any central bank currency but also against almost all cryptocurrencies.

KaratBank Coin with many positive features

The KaratBank Coin is especially interesting for investors and traders who want to invest in gold on the one hand, but also believe in the great growth opportunities of digital currencies. Here the KaratBank Coin creates an ideal connection because the cryptocurrency is in close connection to the precious metal gold and provides at the same time for an always existing flexibility, since the Coin can be exchanged into gold. According to the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) currently in place, Karatbank Coins can be traded on virtually every major Cryptocoin exchange, including Bittrex, Bitfinex, and Poloniex.

KaratBank Coin is an interesting digital currency that creates a connection between gold and cash gold and cryptocurrencies. The coins will soon be traded on multiple platforms and can be exchanged for gold, central bank currencies or other cryptocurrencies at any time. (Source)