Harald Seiz wants gold for everyone for a secure future

Harald Seiz wants gold for everyone for a secure future

Gold has been able to prove on several occasions in the past that, in times of political and economic hardship, it is, in principle, the only means of payment that can be relied upon. While central bank currencies often react with inflation and consumer-related loss of purchasing power, the precious metal has always been inflation-proof and value-stable. Unfortunately, not all people can afford gold as a crisis currency, which Harald Seiz wants to change as the founder of Karatbars International.

There are many reasons for gold as an investment and means of payment.

It is undisputed among experts that there are many reasons why the precious metal gold in particular can be a very good investment and a reliable means of payment. The past is a strong pillar in this regard, because for several millennia, gold has been used around the world as a means of exchange. Especially in economically and politically unstable times, the precious metal shows its strengths, because its value is not only stable, but increases on average over the years considered continuously. Protection against inflation, value stability and profitability are indisputable for gold as an investment. But gold can do even more: it is a globally accepted form of payment, which is accepted in almost all cultures.

Gold can now also serve as a liquidity reserve

Harald Seiz wants gold for everyone for a secure futureThe main hurdle for many people has been that you can buy gold from traders and banks, but the countervalues ​​are very high. First and foremost, gold traders and credit institutions give priority to gold bars, which usually have a minimum weight of 100 or even 500 grams. However, this means that the buyer must pay at least a current value of around 3,400 euros. Although such an equivalent value of gold can very well serve as an investment, it is not possible to use it as a means of payment due to the non-existent denomination.

The idea, for example, to buy in the supermarket with a 100-gram bars of gold, is therefore completely unfamiliar to practice and not feasible. Exactly at this point now comes Harald Seiz with his Karatbars International GmbH into the game. Karatbars is the world market leader in the field of so-called gold cards. These are credit card-like plastic cards that have a very small gold ingot incorporated. These mini bars have a weight of only one to five grams, which currently corresponds to a value of around 35 to 180 euros. Thus, the gold cards could actually be just as flexible in small denominations used as a means of payment, as is the case for example with 20, 50 or 100 Euro notes.

Many years of experience of Harald Seiz in the precious metal business

Harald in officeIt is not without reason that Harald Seiz founded the company Karatbars International in 2011. Previously, he had been working in the precious metal business for several years and therefore also dealt with the problems there. Among other things, this led to the idea of ​​making gold accessible to all people, which is why the logical conclusion was to create the precious metal in the smallest units. Even today, all Karatbar’s products contain the finest gold in a small denomination, which can be used without any problems in order to be able to pay for usual expenses in daily life.


The latest development is the so-called cash gold notes, in which the smallest gold bars between 0.1 and 0.6 grams of fine gold were incorporated in classical paper bills. Thus, the cash gold notes can be used as classic banknotes, except that it is not just crisis-prone banknotes and thus a central bank currency, but the integrated gold represents the inflation-protected and crisis-proof asset. Under the leadership of Harald Seiz Karatbars within managed to become the world leader in gold cards for just a few years, increasing sales from zero to over € 50 million a year.

Harald Seiz, the founder of Karatbars International, has already managed to make significantly more people available as a means of payment than before. This achieves karatbars over gold cards as well as cash gold bills, which contain smallest gold bars from 0.1 grams and are therefore flexible in payment transactions.

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